Second Opinion Evaluations

About Second Opinion Evaluations

  • A 60–75-minute comprehensive evaluation by a psychiatrist

  • Differential diagnosis assessment

  • Referral for additional testing, as needed (e.g. lab work, neuropsychological testing)

  • Pharmacogenetic testing

  • Communication with the patient’s existing psychiatrist

  • Recommendations for treatment


Dr. St. John provides second opinion assessments to those who suffer from severe mental illness and who have not responded to previous treatments.  Once considered treatment-resistant or treatment refractory, patients often feel lost, hopeless, or lose confidence in the field of psychiatry.  The goal of a second opinion evaluation is usually to clarify or confirm a patient’s diagnosis, to obtain a better understanding of the patient’s current symptoms and/or behaviors, and/or to provide new or additional recommendations for treatment. 


Dr. St John also offers several alternative treatment options in her practice for patients who qualify, including TMS Therapy and Ketamine Infusion therapy.  When those treatments are recommended as part of the second opinion evaluation, they can be prescribed by Dr. St John and then performed in our same office subsequent to the consultation.