Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS for Depression)

Houston Depression Therapy

About TMS Therapy​​ For Depression

TMS stands for Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. It is an amazing ground breaking treatment for depression.

  • TMS is Safe and Effective

  • TMS is FDA Approved since 2008

  • TMS is Non-Invasive

  • TMS Requires no anesthesia and does not cause memory loss

  • TMS is Free from common antidepressant side effects

  • TMS Patients can resume daily activities immediately after treatment

  • TMS is Performed in our Houston office

  • TMS is Covered by most insurances

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St. John Mental Health Clinic of Houston offers TMS Therapy for Treatment Resistant Depression

Dr Martha St John TMS for Depression in Houston

About TMS Patient Response & TMS Remission Rate

St. John Mental Health Clinic of Houston has used TMS in the fight against treatment-resistant depression since 2013. Since then, a response rate of 76% and a remission rate of 58% of the patient population was observed. This means that more than three-quarters of their patients cut their symptoms of depression in half, and almost two-thirds were symptom-free of their depression after completing a full course of TMS treatment in our Houston office.

Want to learn more about TMS, how TMS works for depression, and if TMS has side effects? 

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Why choose St. John Mental Health Clinic of Houston for your TMS Therapy?
Dr. St. John was an early adopter of Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS therapy). In 2013, she began performing TMS therapy to meet the needs of depressed patients who didn't become well with traditional medication for depression. She is a Board Certified Psychiatrist and has tremendous experience treating adults for a broad range of disorders including depression.

A TMS Patient's Journey Recovering from Depression

TMS for Depression is covered by many insurance plans, please call our office regarding our provider's participation in your particular plan.

During my treatment, my recovery was remarkably at a fast speed. …My unwillingness to do anything, sadness, melancholic state of heart and mind, ..sleeplessness…, all disappeared rapidly during my treatment and it truly recovered like I never had such symptoms." - Anonymous, Martha St John, MD & Associates, Houston, TX, TMS patient