Taking Antidepressants but Still Depressed?

Find Out if Ketamine IV Therapy is Right for Your Depression.

In 2017 Dr. St. John began providing outpatient Ketamine Infusion therapy as an alternative treatment option for Houston patients with treatment-resistant depression. She wanted to offer a treatment for Houston patients who suffer from TRD and who have found no relief of their symptoms with FDA-approved treatments. As a member of the American Society of Ketamine Physicians, Psychotherapists & Practitioners (ASKP3), Dr. St. John is dedicated to the scientifically safe and ethical use of ketamine for mental health disorders. A patient is screened in order to ensure they have a condition that is appropriate for Ketamine IV therapy before beginning a treatment plan. Dr. St. John will meet with patients to discuss their psychiatric condition and history. At this time, a discussion regarding the appropriateness of Ketamine Infusion Therapy for their condition may take place. Some of the things a patient will learn about Ketamine IV Therapy are:
  • Ketamine IV therapy is an alternative treatment option for patients with treatment-resistant depression.
  • Ketamine IV therapy can result in rapid relief of depression and/or suicidal thoughts within hours or days.
  • Ketamine IV therapy is performed on an outpatient basis at the St. John Mental Health Clinic of Houston.
  • Ketamine IV effects do wear off.
  • Ketamine IV is not covered by insurance.
  • Ketamine IV is not FDA-approved for the treatment of depression.

Once it is established that Ketamine IV Therapy is the appropriate treatment plan, with the patient’s consent, therapy can begin and they may expect several sessions over a period of weeks. Most responsive patients receive an initial series of six infusions, this is referred to as acute phase treatment or induction treatment.

Some things you should be aware of about Ketamine IV Treatment Days:

  • Ketamine IV therapy involves 6 administrations of Ketamine via an IV over a 2-3 week period at the St. John Mental Health Clinic of Houston
  • Ketamine IV therapy sessions are administered over a period of 40 or more minutes. The dose will be determined by your weight.
  • You will remain awake during the Ketamine IV therapy session.
  • Patients generally leave the office within 30 minutes of the infusion.

Many patients have found success with Ketamine IV therapy. Many have found hope and happiness again, and some have found their suicidal obsessions subside. Most patient’s experiences have been positive. Eighty-percent of Dr. St. John’s patients have reported that their depression lessened considerably and one-hundred percent of her patients would choose to have the treatment performed at the St. John Mental Health Clinic of Houston again.

Patient Testimonials

“Since starting IV Ketamine Therapy my suicidal ideations have improved dramatically along with my quality of life. I believe that the treatments have been helpful.”

“For the longest time I suffered from intense depression and anxiety. It reached a point where I would feel paralyzed on my couch unwilling to do anything. Now after almost a year of ketamine therapy, I feel more in control of my emotions and can recognize when I do not feel in the moment. I am grateful for this treatment.”

A patient always has a voice in their therapy and those who do not experience an improvement in mood by the 3rd or 4th Ketamine infusion may opt to discontinue the therapy and try a different treatment.

Dr. St. John and her staff are competent, courteous and compassionate healthcare professionals available to discuss if Ketamine IV therapy is appropriate for you. You can feel confident in the care patients receive at the St. John Mental Health Clinic of Houston, as ninety-three percent of patients would recommend the office to a friend or family member for treatment. Contact St. John Mental Health Clinic of Houston for your compassionate consultation today!

To learn more about Ketamine IV Therapy and Possible Side Effects please visit our Ketamine FAQ page.

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