Qb Testing for ADD/ADHD

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About Qb Testing for ADD/ADHD

QbTest is an FDA-cleared test used as an aid in establishing a diagnosis of adult ADD/ADHD and in the evaluating of the effectiveness of specific ADD/ADHD treatments.

What is QbTest?

Qb Test is an FDA cleared and widely used objective test that measures a patient’s activity, attention, and impulsivity. It is a computer-based test that combines attention measures with an activity analysis based on a motion tracking system. The test results are instantly analyzed and presented in a report that compares your results with a group of people of the same age and gender who do not have ADHD.

How is QbTest performed?

The test is performed in front of a laptop computer in our office. During the test, a number of symbols are shown on a computer screen. The task requires patients to push the responder button when a certain symbol appears on the screen.

How long Does a QbTest Take?

The test takes about 30 minutes to complete.

What is the benefit of obtaining a QbTest?

Clinicians are able to make more accurate diagnoses of ADD and ADHD when data is available from a combination of sources.  Objective testing with QbTest is an important part of the diagnostic triangle which also includes a thorough clinical interview and rating scales, such as the ASRS (Adult ADHD Self-Report Scale). Furthermore, the QbTest can be performed repeatedly, comparing a patient’s performance after taking a certain medication or dosage of medication against the baseline test or subsequent test(s).  This allows the clinician to prescribe the optimal medication and dosage faster and more efficiently as compared to the traditional trial and error method.  

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