How TMS Helped Patients Out of the Darkness

“This treatment has definitely “reset” my concept of self.”
“I no longer go to that dark place and feel sorry for myself.”
“Before TMS, I was so depressed I wasn’t able to function at all.”

The powerful statements above are testimonials published on the St. John Mental Health Clinic of Houston website. Depression hides the joy in life and makes it difficult to create happy experiences and memories. TMS therapy has helped many long-time depression sufferers experience a full life with joy.

St. John Mental Health Clinic of Houston TMS Patient:

“For 40 Years, my entire adult life, I’ve fought depression and anxiety with every fiber of my body. Endless and numerous medical bills, doctors, drugs, therapists, psychiatrists … It’s almost impossible to explain how grateful I am to have received TMS therapy! I’m eager to face each day. I feel the joy & love which surrounds me. I’m no longer lost & isolated. I’m living – not just enduring. I’ve broken out of a shell and feel renewed (despite the fact that I’m 68 years young) … TMS therapy exceeded my expectations … I was drowning & TMS therapy literally saved my life. I recommend TMS treatment as a front line therapy. It worked for me and it will work for you.”

Those suffering with depression have described it as living in a thick cloud of darkness where they dwell on the regrets and mistakes of the past and are fearful of the future.  Avoiding exercise, people, and even hobbies is common when suffering from depression.  Feeling invisible, carrying a heavy burden, living in a deep hole, and wearing a mask so others don’t see the deep sadness are other ways living with depression has been described.  Feelings of worthlessness and being trapped affect both work and personal relationships.

St. John Mental Health Clinic of Houston TMS Patient:

“During my treatment, my recovery was remarkably at a fast speed … My unwillingness to do anything, sadness, melancholic state of heart and mind, sleeplessness … all disappeared rapidly during my treatment and it truly recovered like I never had such symptoms.”

Studies show that TMS transcranial magnetic stimulation of the proper areas of the brain is having a lasting effect on how the brain functions for many people. This non-invasive treatment directs recurring magnetic pulses at the specific areas of the brain that are involved in mood control. As these magnetic pulses pass painlessly through the skull, they stimulate brain cells to improve the communication between various parts of the brain. This eases depression symptoms and boosts the moods of a vast majority of those who have undergone TMS therapy and does it in a way that lasts.

St. John Mental Health Clinic of Houston TMS Patient:

“I have suffered from depression since my early twenties. I have tried numerous medications … just hoping the medication would kick in and I would finally be free … I was surprised and glad when I learned that Dr. St. John was offering TMS. I thought I had made a huge mistake when I started the first treatment … Little by little things kept improving … It is absolutely amazing how this treatment can affect your mind.  I took a short trip at the end of my treatment.  I felt the best I had felt in a long time.  The improvement was more than I had ever had from any of the medications …”

Each person’s experience is slightly different with TMS Therapy.  A typical course of treatment for depression consists of sessions 5 days a week for about 6 weeks. Sessions may be as short as 3 minutes or as long as 19 minutes. The biggest difference is in response time. Some people have their depression symptoms disappear quickly, while others have a more gradual experience.  

St. John Mental Health Clinic of Houston TMS Patient:

“Six weeks of TMS treatment did MORE for me than 15 years of medication!”

Depression says to avoid people.  It takes away focus and motivation. It says that life is hopeless and can’t really get any better. Our patients who have completed TMS therapy say that isn’t true. They say they are focused, energetic, and alive.  They are getting more done during the day, looking at career options, and enjoying life.  The underlying sense of melancholy that was always present has become an underlying sense of joy. 

St. John Mental Health Clinic of Houston TMS Patient:

TMS Therapy has made a tremendous difference in my quality of life.  My depression is completely alleviated to the extent that I can enjoy my life, make plans, decisions, and interact positively again with others. I would ABSOLUTELY recommend this therapy.  In fact, I sincerely would like to see TMS become a first choice treatment in lieu of medications.   There have been NO side effects from the treatment, nor does it require continued maintenance. It is almost miraculous in my experience.

St. John Mental Health Clinic of Houston has provided TMS since 2013, and has observed that more than three-quarters of their patients cut their symptoms of depression in half, and almost two-thirds were symptom-free of their depression after completing a full course of TMS treatment. TMS has benefited dozens of patients, contact the expert staff at the St. John Mental Health Clinic of Houston to find out if TMS can help YOU out of the darkness.