COVID-19 Notice

We recognize that mental healthcare is essential healthcare.  As a result, we have taken the following steps to ensure that patients can continue to obtain treatment in our clinic both safely and confidently.

The following measures are currently in place:

Telehealth Visits

Telemedicine visits, using synchronous audio and video transmission, are accessible to anyone with a smart phone or computer and internet access and are currently offered as an alternative to an in-person visit to all patients.  Offering telehealth visits has allowed us to substantially decrease patient in-person visits to the clinic, thereby preserving the space for those patients coming in for treatments only accessible in person, such as TMS, ketamine infusion therapy, or Spravato treatment.


Health Screening

Upon arrival, patients are asked to take their temperature using a touchless thermometer. In the same way, employees are screened upon arrival to work each day. Patients are asked not to come to the office if they are experiencing fever, cough, flu-like symptoms (e.g. sore throat, runny nose, congestion, fatigue), if they have tested positive or are awaiting a COVID test result, or if someone with whom they live with is sick, has tested positive, or is awaiting a COVID test result.

PPE Practices

Patients and employees are instructed to wear masks. Gloves are utilized by staff when direct patient contact is required. Hand sanitizer is available throughout the clinic.

Cleaning Procedures

All patient contact surfaces (e.g. TMS treatment chairs) have always been cleansed after each usage, even prior to the onset of the COVID pandemic. Every effort is made to space out appointments and procedures such that patients are not overlapping in the waiting room. Only one patient is treated in our procedure rooms at a time during COVID.​