Psychotropic Genetic Testing

About Psychotropic Genetic Testing

Often referred to as personalized medicine, genetic testing assays look at genes that affect your body’s ability to respond to medication.  Genetic testing can ideally be utilized to reduce the time needed to find the right medication for you as compared to the traditional trial and error method.


The test panel evaluates two general types of genes, genes that indicate what effect a medication or class of medications may have on your body, and genes that indicate what effect your body will have on medication (e.g. they determine how fast your body will metabolize a medication).  The faster or slower your body processes a medication determines the dose that will be needed to be effective and safe. 


A saliva sample is collected by swabbing the inside of your check with a cotton swab in our office.  The sample is mailed to the lab and results are typically available within 2–3 weeks.